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“Do you have a water leak inside your home or office? We provide 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services. Call A-1 Plumbing today!”

A-1 Plumbing is a licensed and Insured Plumbing service in Robstown, TX. We are your Number 1 pick in the region for all things plumbing. Water Damage and Flooding due to leaks and pipe erosion can be very costly so it is imperative they are sealed to prevent further damage to your property. Our service technicians are skilled and use state of the art camera equipment to rapidly isolate the location of your leak.

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A-1 Plumbing Service has been servicing the Corpus Christi, TX region for nearly 40 years. Based in Robstown, we specialize in providing affordable Commercial and Residential Plumbing, Sewer, Drain and Pipe services. Our Emergency services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Upon contact, we will visit your location and provide a free service estimate for our services. We understand the inconvenience plumbing issues can cause. Our servicemen work fast to diagnose and repair leaks, preventing the addition cost that you can incur due to water damage. 

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  • Sewer Lines
  • Leak Detection
  • Water Heaters
  • Sewer Replacement
  • Water Leaks
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  • Gas Lines
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  • Water Lines

Finding water leaks inside your home or office is a serious issue. These issues can lead to flooding, damaging personal items and in some cases causing structural damage. Water leaks can come from many different sources and should never be left unattended.

If you have a water leak in your home or on your property, contact A1-Plumbing immediately. We will come out quickly and isolate the location of the leak and implement a repair plan to stop the unwanted flow of water. Leaks can cause costly water bills in addition to water damage and the presence of mold. Protecting your property is our #1 priority. Call now & we’ll work around the clock while saving you money.

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Licensed, Insured & Environmentally Safe

Our services are designed to remove obstructions and debris from plumbing systems, ensuring the unimpeded flow of water to prevent hazardous issues such as clogs and backups. If left unattended these obstructions can increase the water pressure in your system, leading to more serious damage. Time is of the essence and we understand that. When scheduling us for a visit, we will arrive at the estimated arrival time that we provide and offer updates along the way.

A-1 Plumbing

24/7 Plumbing Repair Services

Servicing Corpus Christi, Cathedral City, La Molina, Annavilla, Calallen, Robstown, Tierra Verde, Banquette, Violet, Driscoll Palo Alto and Bishop, TX.


Sewer Replacement

Unground leaks and ruptured pipes can cause serious damage to your property. Call our 24/7 Emergency Service hotline.


Leak Detection

Faucet Repair & Replacement, Garbage Disposals, Broken Pipes, Bathroom Flooding, Shower heads and more.


Drain cleaning

Roto Rooters, Clogged Drains, Obstructed Pipes, Backflow Prevention for Toilets, Sinks, Tubs and Urinals.

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A-1 Plumbing – Plumbing Services, Leak Detection, Reroute Specialists, Sewer Repair, Sewer Replacement, Gas Lines, Roto Rooters, Drain Cleaning in Robstown, TX.

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Plumbing, Leak. Sewer and Drain pros servicing Corpus Christi and the Surrounding region.

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Our mission is to provide Plumbing, Drain and Sewer services and affordable prices. We offer 24/7 Emergency plumbing services. Our reliable and customer friendly staff is knowledgable and experienced. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.  

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“Very courteous and Kind. I called A-1 Plumbing service and they came out after hours and worked to get the flooding removed.”

Nate Osweiler

Robstown, TX

“A-1 Plumbing is honest and fair. Over the years we’ve counted on them to resolve plumbing issues for our Property Management firm.”

Willa Maye

Calallen, TX


24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

A-1 Plumbing backs all of our products and services with a quality and satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

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